Trying out the ARToolkit

Sunday, September 5, 2010
ARToolkit provides a simple framework to build your own augmented reality applications. Acquisition of video frames and identification of markers is built-in so that you can directly obtain the camera transformation relative to the detected patterns. I was looking for ways to register interactive input in my 6 DOF inverse kinematic solver that I wrote earlier (I wish to write a tutorial on the inverse kinematic solver as well but at the moment typing in all the math seems intimidating). So far I have succeeded in making an overlay of the manipulator arm on the live video relative to the marker. Maybe I will be able to do some pick and place kind of stuff with this thing soon... stay tuned.

The 6 DOF manipulator in the AR environment - my table-top :)


  • Anil yadav

    I really want to learn this but i cant find any resources so can u tell me from where could i learn about this and it will be really nice of u u could write 1 tutorial on this
    Thank u.

  • animesh

    I learned to use ARToolkit by reading the documentation and samples provided on its website. They are really good so I would recommend spending some time learning from there. Honestly, I couldn't write a tutorial any simpler than what they already have.

    If you're at ease with OpenGL then transforming between coordinate systems and displaying objects should be no trouble. All that ARToolkit does for you is to get you a transformation matrix between camera and scene. Good Luck!

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